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Showcase of Tasmanian Poetry


The Write Stuff is pleased to give you a taste of the work of some Tasmanian poets. This area is snapshot only, of poets working in Tasmania between 2002 and 2004. It does not aim to be a complete representation of the many poets currently living on this island.

The Write Stuff is indebted to Ron Moss, award-winning Haiku poet and artist,
for allowing his haiku paintings to be used in this showcase.


A permanent archive at The State Library of Tasmania's Our Digital Island ensures long term access to the content below. The National Library of Australia's Pandora project has periodically archived this site since the late 1990s.
Pandora Archive

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Ivy Alvarez

Jenny Barnard

Eric Beach

Mary Blackwood

MML Bliss

Christiane Conesa-Bostock

May Carroll

James Charlton

Anne Collins

Chris Cooper

Sarah Day

Stephen Edgar

Adrienne Eberhard

Carolyn Fisher

Peter Hay

Graeme Hetherington

Julie Hunt

Eli Jones

Anne Kellas

Karen Knight


Anthony Lawrence

Kathryn Lomer

Peter Macrow

Kitty Madeson

Robyn Mathison

Anne Morgan

Sue Moss

Ronald Moss

Louise Oxley

Andrew Peek

Ron Price

Lyn Reeves

Angela Rockel

Andrew Sant

Margaret Scott

Megan Schaffner

Edith Speers

Tim Thorne

Philomena Van Rijswijk

Liz Winfield

For current biographical details of poets on this showcase, contact the Tasmanian Writers' Centre.

Tasmanian writers' books are available through Hobart Bookshop and through Fullers Bookshop.


  • River of Verse: A Tasmanian Journey, edited by Helen Gee, foreword by Margaret Scott. November 2004; Back River Press
  • Moorilla Mosaic, Contemporary Tasmanian Writing, edited by Robyn Mathison and Lyn Reeves (an anthology featuring 25 Tasmanian writers.

book cover
ISBN 0 9586133 2 X



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How to contact Tasmanian authors:
Tasmanian Writers Centre ph: +61 3 6224 0029

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