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Kathryn Lomer
Photograph: © Giles Hugo, 2001


Kathryn Lomer


Kathryn Lomer is a novelist and poet living in Hobart. She is a regular contributor to the Poets' Union magazine, Five bells.

Kathryn has won the 2003/2004 Anne Elder award, and is the previous winner of the Gwen Harwood, Melbourne Poets’ Union, Josephine Ulrick and ANUTECH poetry prizes.

The poems below are from her forthcoming collection, Extraction of Arrows, (University of Queensland Press, 2003).

Books by Kathryn Lomer

Kathryn Lomer’s first novel, The god in the ink, appeared in 2001 (University of Queensland Press). Her first poetry collection, Extraction of Arrows, was published in September 2003 (UQP).

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